Thousands of pilgrims from all over the world gathered in Sekumpul, Martapura City, Banjar Regency, South Kalimantan on Sunday evening (January 29, 2023) to commemorate the death of Guru Sekumpul, the charismatic and influential scholar from South Kalimantan.

The event began at the Mushala Ar-Raudhah Sakumpul Martapura at the time of the congregation Maghrib prayer, and continued until the congregation Isya prayer, at 8.30 p.m. The program between the two Fardhu prayers was the reading of Maulid Habsyi, tahlil, and prayer. The event was also attended by local authorities and religious leaders who paid their respects to Guru Sekumpul and showed their support for the event.

Guru Sekumpul was the eighth descendant of Maulana Syekh Muhammad Arsyad bin Abdullah Al-Banjari, a great Banjar land scholar. He is remembered fondly and is greatly respected by his followers and pilgrims who come to honor him every year. The atmosphere of the 18th Grand Haul of Guru Sekumpul was a solemn one, as pilgrims expressed their grief and sorrow, while also celebrating the legacy of a great man.

The 18th Grand Haul of Guru Sekumpul was one of the most anticipated events in the region and was attended by estimated hundreds of thousands of pilgrims.

The roads leading to Sekumpul Village were closed for vehicles since the Banjarbaru four-way intersection, about five kilometers from Sekumpul. Pilgrims were seen laying out their prayer mats along Jalan Ahmad Yani in front of Q Mall Banjarbaru and in front of the Batuah Martapura Market in the Upstream area. Many of the pilgrims shared their stories of how Guru Sekumpul had a profound impact on their lives and expressed their appreciation for his teachings.

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